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Thank you for taking the time to speak with us about Realty ONE Group Select. It is always nice to get to know agents like you a little better! If you’re getting this, it means that we believe that you would be a great addition to our TEAM, and we would LOVE to officially invite you to join us! 😀😀😀

Barry Aldridge



Our Mission

To provide the most professional, informative, and dedicated service & support in the industry, where the best interests of our agents always come first.

Our Goal

To become the #1 privately-owned, real estate firm in the entire region, with the highest per-agent volume of any firm, and with the most professional, supported, happy, and successful agents!


We achieve this goal is by leading, teaching, supporting, and coaching agents, and by having a culture that emphasizes collaboration over competition. We empower our agents to grow their businesses in the way they want, to put more money in their pockets for them and their families, and to help them give more of their time back!

Commission Breakdown


Join the 100% platform, which means that you will pay $100/month and a transaction fee as follows:

$0 – $100k = $250
$100k – $300k = $500
$300k – $500k = $750
$500k – $700k = $1,000
$700k – $1million = $1,250
Over $1million = $1,500

You will also pay E&O insurance of $598/yr (divided into 2 payments, $299 on 2/1 & $299 on 8/1 each year).

Our CAP – $16,000 cap – Once capped at $16k a compliance fee of $175 will be charged for each closing until the agent pays a total of $22k into ROGS. Team cap will be $16k for the team lead and each additional team member will be figured at $8k. Team caps together not individually and once the team has capped, a compliance fee of $175 will be charged for each closing thereafter, until the team has paid a total of $31k.

**Referral fees, rental fees, monthly dues, and E&O do NOT count toward your cap, only transaction fees from closings are considered in the calculations.*

Referral Fees are figured at 10% of the gross commission referral earned for commissions under $1000. A $150 referral fee for gross commission earned of $1000-$5000 and for each $5000 increment, the fee increases by $150.

$0 – $1000 = 10% fee
$1k – $5k = $150 fee
$5k – $10k = $300 fee
$10k – $15k = $450 fee
$15k – $20k = $600 fee
$20k – $25k = $750 fee
$25k – $30k = $900 fee

*For example: a gross referral commission earned of $8000 is subject to a $300 fee; a gross referral commission earned of $12,000 is subject to a $450 fee. *

Rental Fees are figured at a flat 10% of the gross rental fee earned.

Commercial deals are done on a limited basis, discussed with Barry before proceeding, and are subject to a 10% commission split.








Fee Amount:



*Realty ONE Group is committed to providing services and commissions that enhances the careers of Real Estate Professionals. This web tool allows you to calculate potential commission and/or earnings based figures you input and your location. This tool is intended for illustrative purposes and not intended to be exact.

vs others *

    60% SPLIT:
  • $
  • 70% SPLIT:
  • $
  • 80% SPLIT:
  • $

Realty ONE Group Select Tools


Explore our comprehensive suite of tools designed to elevate your experience. Check out the ONE Tool Chest to discover a range of offerings including Website, Transaction Management, CRM, Design Center, and much more. Dive in and empower your business with our versatile toolkit.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

– Zig Ziglar

An all-in-ONE community!

CIRCLE gives you better assistance in ONE place and helps you get answers to your questions faster, chat directly with other agents, find our events, technology, training, meetings and so much more!


Elevate your online presence with our comprehensive social media plan tailored for agents. Our marketing team handles every aspect, from crafting engaging content strategies to designing eye-catching materials for self-promotion and listing promotion. We meticulously program your social media calendar, ensuring consistent and impactful posts that resonate with your audience. With our proven approach, you'll stand out in the digital landscape and drive meaningful connections that translate into success.
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